🎉 New features

  • Live support chat available for any user
    Do you have any question? Just click the little shiny icon at the bottom right to get support right a way. 

  • Ad based insights of filtered bids
    In programatic advertising, the reasons why your ad isn't shown can be quite different. All reasons for filtered bids in an ad are now displayed in the ad view.

  • Automatic categorization of ads
    To prevent being filtered by the SSP, all ads are automatically categorized. This means that there are no more filtered bids due to excluded categories.

👍 Enhancements

  • Sorting of KPIs in campaign view. Finally! 

  • Changed preset for the Datepicker: It's now "Last month" instead of "Last 30 days"

  • Optimized MagicTag administration when using retargeting 

  • Small preparations for the upcoming SSP integration of YieldLab

🎯 Bug fixes

  • Sorting by status is working again

  • Fixed a bug where some users with restricted access wasn't able to use the pagination in list views.



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