🎉 New features

  • Filter for list views
    All Ads, also native ads, can be directly previewed within the UI. You'll find the new preview button in the list view of ads as well as in the edit view.

  • Image upload for ads
    For Display Ads and Native Ads it's now possible to upload images directly to our high performance ad server.

👍 Enhancements

  • Ads can now be previewed or edited directly within the campaign view

  • Triggers for the advanced tag can now be changed after saving them

  • Modules in the advanced tag can be deleted

🎯 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug for all Firefox users. Some input fields were displayed blank although there actually was a value present.

  • The dropdown of the ad slot dimensions for deals is showing the correct dimensions again

📣 Announcement

  • New SSP YieldLab
    Within the next weeks we will release our bidder connection for YieldLab.  

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