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advanced tag GDPR consent mechanism
advanced tag GDPR consent mechanism

To comply with the GDPR, it's important to have a consent. Learn how to use the advanced tag with your consent solution.

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To be GDPR-compliant the way how and when you call the advanced tag depends on your consent solution.

Consent solution (CMP) with support for the IAB TCF framework (TCF 2.0 string)

This is the recommend way. If your consent solution do support the TCF framework you just can call our advanced tag without any conditions. Our advanced tag will automatically communicate with the TCF framework on your site and wait for the TCF string.

Based on the decision by the user and the signals we receive, the advanced tag automatically decide which tags are allowed to call. For most campaign the following purposes are needed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

This is a solution by IAB Europe, so we only can provide limited support. If you have detailed questions, please talk to your CMP or check the resources of the IAB TCF framework at

Consent solution without support for the TCF string

If your consent solution do not support the IAB TCF framework, then the decision when to call our tag have to be set up on your site / by the advertiser!

  • Do not call the advanced tag on your site, before you have an explicit consent from the user.

  • Call the advanced tag only after the user has given consent for marketing and targeting. A consent for analytics is not sufficient.

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