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How to: create an advanced link via advanced suite UI
How to: create an advanced link via advanced suite UI

Step-by-step guide for creating an advanced link via advanced suite UI

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With our advanced link generator you are able to create an advanced link in an easy way to integrate them on your website.

1. Click on the "Publishers" tab and select the "advanced link generator"

2. Choose an advertiser

You can use the search function to find the desired advertiser.
After that, the function to create a tracking link via "Create advanced link" is already available on the right.

3. Click on the "create advanced link" to open the function

This pop up will open:

4. "Site" shows a selection of your pages. Please select the website for which you want to use the advanced link (tracking link)

5. You could add a "Target URL" to link direct to a subdomain or product page.
Copy and paste the url from the website into the field "Target URL".

6. The advanced link (tracking link) will be generated automatically and it's ready to use

Now you can include this link into your website, blog article, social media post or stories (swipe up) to monitarize your content ´.


It's easier and faster if you use the main advanced link option right away.

You are able to transform any* link into a tracking link by simply placing our Redirect API ad server link in front of the target URL.

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