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advanced link - Redirect API

Turn any link into a monetized tracking link

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With this HTTP API you are able to transform any* link into a tracking link by simply placing our Redirect API ad server link in front of the target URL.

How to create a redirect

Below you'll find the structure of the redirect link.

Static ad server link

GDPR params


Add GDPR information to the link if needed

Your site id


The ID of your site in our advanced suite. This associates all revenues to you account.

A sub ID


Any alphanumeric ID in order to track your campaigns

Target URL


Target URL should be URL encoded

The final link should look like this:

* Notice: When redirecting, we always try to find an affiliate program and automatically change the target URL into a tracking link. If we don't find any affiliate program, we will simply redirect to the given target URL. In this case, there will be no commission paid.

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