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Intro & Getting Started
Intro & Getting Started
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Dear affiliate,

Welcome to our Help Center!

Here you will find documents and instructions for our products and how to use our advanced suite. These should make it easier for you to use our solutions.

Just enter a keyword to your problem and find further articles. If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will help you personally.

You will find articles about the ad4mat products:

advanced ad - the all-round advertising medium for every website

Integrate our code on your website or blog to display ad4mat banners in the desired size with matching ads. You will get advertisers from all industries like telecommunication, retail, travel or finance.

What actually is advanced ad?

advanced link - tracking links that match your content

Earn money easily by placing affiliate links to your desired brand on your online channels.

What actually is advanced link?

advanced API - tool for automatic monetization

REST API to get information, trackinglinks, stats and transactions for all affiliate programs world-wide programmatically.

new topic of ad4mat

ad4mat ChatGPT plugin - new way to monetize affiliate links via AI

The plugin seamlessly integrates with your ChatGPT-driven dialogues and interactions, allowing you to create trackable links with ease. Take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

compare ad - comparison table

Provide your users to compare the prices of different mobile operators and buy the best offer directly.

What actually is compare ad?

select ad - smart banners with selection function

Your user will find exactly the offer that suits his interests and needs by a few simple queries by this interactive banner widgets.

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